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Students in their final year are faced with the difficulty because of lack of materials and guide for writing final year project research or thesis. JoshuaLegacy Research Assistant is a subsidiary of JoshuaLegacy Enterprise. We provide easy access to final year Research Project or Thesis Materials.We provide a good number of Research Project Topics and  Materials. These topics, cut across various programs such as; B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Sc, HND, ND and PGD and their equivalents.  In Addition, JoshuaLegacy Research Assistant provides well written, up-to-date final year research Project/Thesis topics and materials at an affordable price.JetpackJoshuaLegacy Research Assistant provides; Abstract, Table of Contents and Chapter 1 for preview. You pay a token amount of money to get access to the full final year Research Materials. This payment is actually used for the hosting and site maintenance and not actually for the materials.You should use all Research Project and Thesis Materials from JoshuaLegacy Research Assistant as reference materials and guideline for your Project work. JoshuaLegacy do not encourage any form of plagiarism. Do not the material word-for-word.

How to use JoshuaLegacy Research Assistant

To look for Final year Research Project and Thesis Materials from JoshuaLegacy Research Assistant.
1. Visit the website
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However, if you did not find your desired topic, rephrase the topic and search again. If you still did not get the desired final year research project topic, make the topic shorter. Shortening your topic will improve your search.
However, if not satisfied with the desired Research Project or Thesis topic or Materials, Call 08064111656. You can mail Or Chat up JoshuaLegacy Research Assistant using the WhatsApp chat handle at bottom left corner of you screen.

Second Option:
To get for final year Research Project or Thesis topics or Materials from JoshuaLegacy Research Assistant.
1. Visit the website
3. Select on your department,
4. select your topic of choice.
5. Click on the topic to read the Abstract, Table of Contents and Chapters 1.
6. Click on ADD TO CART at the top just below the topic to buy.
It will take you to the cart page.

To get Research Assistance from JoshuaLegacy Research Assistant.
1. Visit the website
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