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In universities polytechnics and colleges, there are number of students who require professional assistance regarding assignment and homework from the experts so that the assignments or homework looks professional and scores high. We are one of the assignment/homework help services, which provide best quality assignment or homework, help to the students who are unable to do their assignment or homework due to some reasons.

At our assignment/homework help department of Legacy Research Assistant (LRA) we are providing best quality assignment homework help, which differentiates us from other assignment/homework, help services. We are one of the leading assignment homework help service industry, we provide our assignment or homework to the students within and outside Nigeria. At our assignment or homework help service, we provide all types of assignment which covers the knowledge of a great range of academic disciplines that fulfil the needs of the students.

The students who required our assignment or homework service should contact us to our company using this link and filling the job order.

How it works

Firstly, the students can place their assignments or homework order along with the instructions and guidelines. Then our writers can quickly start to work on their assignment or homework and complete it within a short period of time so that they can return it to the students prior to the submission deadlines. We assure that the quality of our assignment or homework is so high and it looks professional in nature.

Main Problems of Assignments and Homework

Students have face different types of problems while writing an assignment or homework help due to various reasons. Some of the reasons are given below:

  • Assignment or homework is difficult for students because it contain concepts and theories that are not easily understandable to them.
  • Assignments are time consuming and students are unable to do their assignments due to the workload of other courses.
  • Sometimes, the assignment or homework requires the knowledge of previously studied courses, without it, a student is unable to do his assignment or homework properly.
  • There are many students who are feeling stressed or getting confused due to the complexity of the assignment or homework and they are unable to complete theirs.


Our service cost vary from N500 to N2500 per assignment depending on the topic.

Remember you can use or service by filling the job order in the link below


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